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Writing a Thesis

Writing a thesis can be a major undertaking. There are many things to consider when you begin to write your thesis. You will need to develop a plan for writing your thesis. This step alone can take many weeks. You can choose to write your thesis yourself or you can order one from our web site. Your thesis should contain these different sections:

  1. Title Page: includes identifying information such as the title, subtitle, author, and additional author information including the names of people that assisted the researcher.
  2. Abstract: tells why the paper is relevant and the research necessary.
  3. Table of Contents: this should include all headings and subheadings and the page numbers for each.
  4. List of Figures: includes a list of all figures used in the paper. Each figure should have its own title.
  5. List of Tables: includes all tables presented in the paper. Each table should have its own title.
  6. Introduction: even though this will be inserted at the beginning of your paper, ideally it should be written at the very end, after the research has been conducted.
  7. Methods: only include your research methods here, not the results.
  8. Results: written in several sections. Include titles and subtitles for each section.
  9. Discussion: should also be broken into several subsections.
  10. Conclusions: should summarize the abstract, but not repeated it.
  11. Recommendations: be sure to include any future research that may be necessary.
  12. Acknowledgments: anyone who has helped with this thesis.
  13. References: includes every source cite using the correct style.
  14. Appendices: cite all relevant data here.

Ordering a Thesis Online

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