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Although we have not yet reached the highest level of professionalism in the academic assistance field, we have already made significant strides towards this goal.

How Do We Hire Writers?

In order for an interested applicant to become a writer with our company, they are required to pass our registration process, which consists of several tests. We first vet the writer’s English writing capabilities – each writer must sit a 4-hour online test based on an Oxford University Press textbook. They must also take a test measuring their understanding of standard citation styles including APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. During the last phase of our testing process, they must draft a sample paper to be reviewed by our Writers Evaluation Department.

How is the Writer's Sample Work Evaluated?

Our assessment criteria consist of Grammar, Language, Writing style, Professionalism and Legibility of all writers’ work, which must be checked.We hold our writers to a high standard, requiring that each writer be responsible for not only their level of English, but also their understanding and expertise in the subject matter that the particular assigned paper covers.

Do We Keep Updated with Writers' Achievements?

We utilize a system of Quality Control and Writers' Rating to monitor and rate a writer's performance. Our rating system includes several indicators, including:

  • A professional editor's assessment of general writing skills based on 3 randomly selected papers completed during the previous two weeks.
  • The average rating provided by customers within a specified discipline.
  • Disciplinary points based on lateness, revisions, and disputes.
  • Percentage of returning customers for that writer.
  • Writer's preference in disciplines.

The advantage in using this flexible system for Quality Control and Rating is that it quickly allows us to provide the most current rating for each writer. Because the system is flexible, however, the classification of a writer can fluctuate up or down. If you request a previous writer, you may be charged an additional fee if the writer's rating has increased to the advanced status. Likewise, you may find that you are not charged the usual additional fee if your requested writer has been downgraded from the advanced status. Regardless, we encourage you to request the writer who has previously proven to satisfy your writing needs..

Do We Review Writers' Previously Submitted Works?

For quality assurance purposes, we regularly review the work of our writers by establishing a flexible system of quality control. Twice a month each of our writers go through an evaluation process. Three random pages are taken from the works they have completed over the past two weeks, and these are checked by a professional editor.

Where Do the Writers Come from?

Our company employs freelance writers from all over the world – the US, Kenya, Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Pakistan and several other countries. We carefully review and vet all of our writers to ensure that they demonstrate a sufficient command of the English language and have a strong understanding of various subject matters so that all of our customers will be awarded the writing quality needed for their particular academic level, even if the paper is written by a non-native speaker.

If you wish for your paper to only be written by a native English speaker, you may select that option as you fill out the Order Form.

How is the Order Assigned to the Writer?

Once we receive your order, we automatically begin searching for the most suitable writer for your paper. We are constantly improving our writer-selection system, and final selection will depend on the writer’s background and proven skills. We also make sure that all writers’ workloads and availability are sufficient to allow the necessary amount of time and resources needed to fully concentrate on your project in order to complete it according to your specifications.

Can I Be Assured of the Writer's Writing Skills before He or She Starts to Work on My Assignment?

Yes, for an additional fee of , we will send you three samples of a writer's previous work, demonstrating the writer’s qualifications and and language proficiency. This option is available to all of our customers during the order placement process.

Statistics of Our Disciplines

Our custom writing service shows you the real statistics of how much our customers are satisfied with what they have received:


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