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20 Best Instagrams to Follow in College to Boost Knowledge

20 Best Instagrams to Follow in College to Boost Knowledge

How many lists with the best Instagrams to follow did you see online? No wonder:

We are hard to imagine with no social media at hand today. So, bloggers try to grab a broader audience by writing about popular pages to follow. But what about education Instagram accounts?

As a student, you use social media a lot. Why not subscribe to those sharing interesting yet intelligent content? The one boosting your expertise, you know.

I’ve done the job for you:

Below are the top 20 Instagram accounts for college students. Some are super educational, while others are more entertaining. But all are worth the time spent on them.

(Hint: Read to the end to get a bonus.)

20 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Knowledge

1. National Geographic

Explore the world with National Geographic’s photographers. Their beautiful photos reveal the Earth’s beauty and diversity. Captions are informative to learn about new cultures. Nature, animals, unique species — this Instagram account pleases eyes and broadens minds. Good to follow for curious and craving knowledge.

National Geographic’s Instagram account

2. Subway Book Review

This account hasn’t shared new posts lately. Yet, it’s still worth following because of the already-there content. For students in love with reading, there are tons of book recommendations. Grow your reading list and reveal new authors shared by people from public transport.

Folks reading in a subway


It’s a must for school and college students to follow. The world’s leading dictionary shares #WordOfTheDay to enrich your vocabulary and word choice. Great and witty videos explaining the word definitions are also here to help you understand the context. After all, you need to write something besides transitional words in essays, don’t you?

Some posts from Dictionary’s Instagram

4. History Photographed 

History in Pictures is the top account for those studying — you guessed it! — History. Reveal lesser-known historical moments and learn more details on popular ones. Photos, videos, and fascinating narratives: Follow them if interested in our past to make a better future. Humor is also here, so no worries about “boring edu content” in your feed. No wonder it’s among the best Instagrams to follow for students.

History in pictures, with story captions to learn more

5. American Museum of Natural History

This museum is the favorite one among teachers organizing excursions for students. Located in New York City, it manages the Instagram account thousands love. and Instagram comments ucation posts are about nature wonders, past and present. They talk about dinosaurs, fossils, animals, plants, etc. Perfect to bring history to life and learn new facts about our world.

Beatiful photos of Mother Nature by AMNH

6. Futurism 

The latest science and tech news are here. Futurism is a must-follow social page for everyone interested in corresponding topics. You’ll be among the first to learn investigations, breakthroughs, and experts’ comments. This Instagram account can be a good source to research evidence for your essay reference lists. And that’s the reason why it’s here among the best Instagrams to follow.

Science and tech of the future

7. Daily English Vocabulary Words 

Their posts are about unusual words you’ll hardly use daily. Why not surprise a teacher and place some in your next written assignment? Daily English Vocabulary Words is an Insta page helping you speak English. Perfect for ESL students and those interested in language learning. You’ll also find compelling quizzes, idioms, and synonyms to enrich your vocabulary.

Enrich your vocabulary with @vocords on Instagram

8. Tech by Guff 

This cool Insta page keeps you up-to-date with all the innovations. Whether a tech student or an average user interested in AI, you’ll find exciting posts here. Crypto, science, and wow facts on everything related to tech are all in one place. Try this best Instagram to follow when looking for fresh topic ideas to cover in papers.

A screenshot from Tech by Guff

9. That Student Page

That Student Page shares memes and handy tips on college life. Follow it to smile and get your inspiration dose for future academic achievements. They publish funny tweets, videos with advice for freshers, and “true story” posts to nod and say, “It’s me!” after watching.

That Student Page makes users smile

10. British Library

The modern education system still needs libraries, do you agree? The British Library is the largest in the world, and its Instagram page is your chance to visit it virtually. Get access to unique history books, magazines, and documents. (As well as your free Reader Pass for over 170 million items!) Looks like a student heaven, no?

Visit the British Library online

11. NASA Goddard

Explore other worlds with NASA Goddard! This Instagram page is a must-follow for those in love with space and need for the latest research on the topic. Check space shots by the Hubble Space Telescope and watch videos by astronauts. Scientists, engineers, and technologists share insights on what space looks and brings.

Explore the space with NASA’s Instagram account

12. Amazon Prime Student 

This Instagram account by Amazon is for school and college students willing to win some stuff. You’ll find frequent sweepstakes and handy tips for living on campus. (How to maximize your space, decorate rooms, prepare gifts for roommates, etc.) Also, they are looking for brand ambassadors now, so it’s your chance to join a community and get perks.

Don’t miss student deals in Amazon Prime Student’s page

13. College Confessions 

The college content for students as it is. College Confessions is an Instagram account with over five million followers praising it for its sense of humor. Here, you’ll find the best and freshest memes on college life, assignments, exams, and campus. Not all pages should be entirely educational and thoughtful, am I right? That’s why I decided to add this accouts to the best Instagrams to follow.

Funny jokes and memes in College Confessions’ Insta

14. TED Talks 

You know TED, right? It’s a platform sharing lectures from professionals: educational, creative, and inspiring. All are insightful and supported by reliable sources and evidence worth citing in your essays. TED Talks’ account on Instagram is the place to learn from experts in different fields fast. They share summaries from popular videos, write motivational captions, and list the worthy talks to check daily.

TED Talks account on Instagram

15. Quizlet 

Quizlet is a global learning platform for students and teachers. They promote visuals, providing flashcards, textbooks, digital tests, and quizzes on different subjects. Their Instagram is entertaining and motivating. Watch Reels by celebs, read funny memes, and get student hacks from peers.

Study and laugh with Quizlet

16. BBC Learning English 

Do you study English or Literature? Are you an ESL student willing to be good at speaking and reading? Or, maybe you’re a user curious about words, languages, and linguistics? Check the BBC Learning English on Instagram. Remember new words and phrases, reveal the specifics behind different expressions, and fall in love with English. It’s entertaining and encouraging to keep learning. Deserved to become one of the best Instagrams to follows, agree?

BBC Learning English posts on Instagram

17. Sarcasm Only 

LOL, ROFL, or LMAO? This Instagram account is for all three. If you’re a student who can’t spend college life without humor, or if your joke “tastes are very specific” (if you know what I mean) — welcome to Sarcasm Only. It’s the top page to procrastinate and get a laugh before going back to assignments. Sixteen million followers can’t be wrong, huh? A well-deserved place in the list of the best Instagrams to follow, indeed.

Funny yet enlightening

18. Positive & Motivational Quotes

We all need this social media account every now and then. When sad, disappointed, or frustrated, read a quote about wellness and self-development to feel better. This Insta page motivates through literature and discussion. If a student, you can also use their content as references in essays. With AI writing on the rise, it’s a handy source to make your papers stand out from generic ones by your peers.

Get your motivational quote every day

19. Sh*t You Should Care About 

This page is about literally anything. Get the news of science, technology, politics, societies, etc., in one place. Creators share lesser-known facts and details in an entertaining manner. So you won’t get bored when scrolling this account in your feed. Jokes and memes about the world news are also here, so you can’t miss this chance to get serious info in a light manner.

The all-purpose Instagram account to follow

20. Unifresher 

Unifresher is a must-follow account for aspiring students going to university. It shares deals, advice, and memes on college life. It tells the latest student news. More than that, it debunks myths about student life, making it easier for freshers. Short videos tell about the student deals to make college life more comfortable.

A handy Insta page for those entering college or university

Bonus: Your College Instagram Page

Now you have it: The top 20 pages to follow on Instagram when you’re a student. But what about your university? Does it have an Instagram page with a loyal community? Ensure you join it and be an active follower there.

No account for your university on Instagram? Maybe it’s you who’ll create it? Below are five of the best college Instagram accounts for your inspiration.

1. Arizona State University

Arizona State University on Instagram

With tons of content related to its sports team, this uni’s account shines with its brand colors. Photos are compelling, and captions are inspiring and informative. They also share videos from their events and provide students with the news about alumni. This Instagram page looks engaging even for those who don’t study there. And that’s why it’s here, among the best Instagrams to follow.

2. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University on Instagram

This great Instagram stands out with short videos and seasonal content, inspiring page visitors. The latest news from campus, sports events, and educational content — all in branded black and red to prove the power of community in uni. Humor is also here, as well as social responsibility and transparency.

3. Colorado State University

Colorado State University on Instagram

Sports and other outdoor activities from campus, adorable pics of CAM the RAM… (For those who don’t know, it’s their mascot.)  The uni’s page communicates the power of the student community: open-minded, sincere, and branded with green and gold.

4. West Virginia University

West Virginia University on Instagram

These guys go social with high-quality photos and informative captions. As well as other colleges’ accounts, West Virginia University shares content from their sports and other events. Student and professor research and social responsibility are also here to support the community.

5. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge on Instagram

These guys have mastered the art of photo editing! Their page shares cool landscape pictures of campus areas to inspire students. It’s the official Instagram of the University of Cambridge, with over a million followers. They showcase faces behind their institution, and it works! In today’s digital world, authenticity and transparency do matter.

Over to You

These are some of the top educational Instagram accounts to follow when you’re a student. Sure thing, they will be engaging for other users, too.

And now, it’s your turn:

What are the best Instagrams to follow for college students you know? Maybe you manage some worth mentioning here? Let’s share in the comments!

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