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Ibrahim M.
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How to order dissertation assistance from us

It has never been easier to get quality dissertation help online! Here are the main steps.

  • You order a dissertation

    Describe what you need and upload your dissertation instructions.

  • We complete the task

    We find the best writer to complete your order ASAP and they start working.

  • You receive a finished paper

    We always do our best to deliver each order ASAP, with excellent quality.

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How we can help you with various types of dissertations

The various types of dissertations that we help students with require application of different research methods. Here are the methods we apply:

  1. Descriptive research method

    The purpose of this type of research is to collect data in order to solve current challenges. Our specialists will hypothesize plausible explanations for an already existing occurrence. Rather than addressing "why," we'll aim to answer "what," "where," "when," "who," and "how."

  2. Historical research method

    In this type of research, our professional collects and analyzes data in order to grasp, characterize, and justify past events. Our expert will seek to determine exactly what happened at a particular historical time.

  3. Experimental research method

    This research method comprises observational studies and laboratory experiments conducted in controlled environments. Our specialist may conduct various experiments to learn more about how people act. The research ranges from personal observations to natural comparisons, resulting in the preparation of an excellent essay.

  4. Qualitative research method

    This is a scientific study in which our specialist will collect data to solve an issue. It involves researching human behavior to understand more about it. A professional from our dissertation help service will strive to help you master all relevant facts regarding the problem.

  5. Quantitative research method

    This type of dissertation research is associated with numerical or quantifiable data. It is used to conduct large-scale population studies. Experts from our writing platform will obtain data using computational, mathematical, or statistical approaches.

  6. Mixed research method

    The combination of qualitative and quantitative studies results in mixed research methods. Our expert will offer dissertation writing help by integrating the two forms of research to provide more complete and accurate findings.

The qualifications and selection of our dissertation writers

We take great care in hiring writers who provide dissertation assistance. Here's what happens during the recruitment process:

  1. Prospective writers register themselves

    We gather personal information from the prospective experts, as well as their professional qualifications and writing experience.

  2. We test their proficiency in English

    The next stage is for them to complete a time-based English proficiency exam. Only in this manner will we be able to pick the top applicants for the subsequent round.

  3. Essay assessment

    Prospective professionals must complete a test to demonstrate their essay-writing abilities. Each applicant is required to compose a high-quality essay on a given topic.

  4. Writer approval

    Our HR Manager reviews the applications and determines whether or not a given candidate matches our standards. Once the expert is accepted, they’re guided by a personal mentor who evaluates their essays in accordance with academic writing standards. Only the cream of the crop succeed in becoming specialists on our site.

The main stages of our help with dissertations

You can use dissertation writing service from EasyEssay.us in four simple stages:

  1. Provide us with your specifications

    It would be best to complete the order form according to the list of guidelines given by your instructor. For instance, you should specify the number of pages and sources you require. The instructions you provide will help your specialist to plan the best course of action for your homework.

  2. We'll assign you an expert

    We'll assign you a specialist in a specific discipline who has amassed a wealth of experience in helping graduate students with their papers.

  3. Students can easily monitor their assignments

    When a client gets help writing dissertation, they may monitor the progress of their order while their assigned professional works on it. This gives you the opportunity to outline any problematic areas or crucial parts of the assignment.

  4. You'll obtain a top-notch dissertation

    You may examine your final draft and provide feedback to your specialist. It would be best to raise any issues with your order as soon as possible to allow your professional enough time for editing.

Advantages and features of our dissertation assistance

Although our skilled professionals serve as the foundation of our company, we offer a variety of additional perks to maintain customer contentment:

  • Our service is devoted to timeliness

    EasyEssay.us places a high value on completing dissertations within the stated deadlines. Our objective is to give help with dissertation while also guaranteeing its timely delivery. Thus, you can rely on us to complete your task quickly and effectively, increasing your likelihood of academic success.

  • A professional support team

    Our customer service professionals are available at all hours of the day and night to handle any concerns you may have. Furthermore, every member of our support team is helpful, kind, and very attentive.

Guarantees of our dissertation help service

EasyEssay.us offers its customers various guarantees to ensure that they always have a positive experience:

  • We guarantee the privacy of our customers

    We take confidentiality very seriously and guarantee that we’ll not let third parties access your data. You may rest assured that your personal information will remain safe when you get help writing a dissertation.

  • We make sure our clients don't experience any plagiarism-related issues

    EasyEssay.us takes plagiarism concerns very seriously. Hence, we strive to ensure that all completed dissertations are original by checking them for plagiarism before delivering them to you.

  • We have refund and revision policies in place to guarantee a positive customer experience

    Customers may request free revisions if they aren't happy with the dissertation help they've received. Our experts will take all the necessary steps to address any instructions they may have overlooked. In the unlikely event that you term your dissertation as unsatisfactory, you may request a refund.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Yes, our team of specialists can provide urgent dissertation writing assistance. You may be sure that you'll receive PhD dissertation help, since we rate our experts according to past client feedback and evaluations from our quality assurance department. Therefore, feel free to order from us right away!

  • Most students report that dissertation writing is a time-consuming, difficult, and stressful endeavor that calls for commitment, diligence, and, crucially, self-care. Composing a dissertation while disregarding your mental health could result in adverse outcomes. Accordingly, it would be best to seek help with your thesis in nursing to mitigate your stress levels.

  • You can get a top-notch dissertation from EasyEssay.us easily. You should fill out the order form with the guidelines provided by your teacher, and we'll assign you a dissertation writer who best fits your requirements. Moreover, you may keep track of your order and communicate any concerns that you may have. You'll then get a cheap and high-quality dissertation.

  • Students make up the bulk of our customer base. Accordingly, we recognize that most learners may struggle to pay for dissertation services if we set our rates too high. The dissertation help cost of a one-page dissertation for a PhD program with a 14-day deadline will be just $29.

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