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Alicia M.
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Maurice W.
BA, English 101 tutor 9.6/10
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Laurel G.
Laurel G.
History teacher 9.9/10
Jessica F.
Jessica F.
Business studies tutor 10/10
Anna O.
Anna O.
Practicing psychologist 9.8/10
Ibrahim M.
Ibrahim M.
Financial analyst 9.9/10
Duncan L.
Duncan L.
Legal practitioner 9.9/10
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Magdalene D.
Research assistant, MA in Sociology 9.8/10

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It’s super easy! Take a few simple steps to have a creative writer work on your task.

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What can our service solve for you?

Crafting your paper

Not every student lacks the time needed to write their personal statements. Writing a paper is one thing, but crafting a great one is something else altogether. We can help you edit and proofread your draft to produce a flawless document. Our hawk-eyed experts are always on standby to spot your errors and correct them, giving you an edge over competitors.

Highlighting your strong points

We understand that competition can bring out the worst in all of us. You might be tempted to exaggerate your achievements, experiences, passions, and dreams to get ahead, inadvertently getting you disqualified. Our experts can help you capture your attributes in a modest and sincere way, making you stand out.

Making you sound concise

Many students struggle with conciseness. Yet, in most cases, being clear and to the point is the best decision. As our customer, we’ll help you put together a winning document that captures all your strengths while highlighting your ambitions as directly as possible. If you buy a personal statement from us, you’ll get a document free from wordiness and unnecessary expressions.

Meet our experts team

We have a team of highly qualified experts who’ll go out of their way to assist you. Apart from recruiting the best writers in the industry, we have a rigorous training program that keeps them knowledgeable and updated. Many of them are graduates with extensive experience in professional writing services. Most importantly, they’re drawn from different fields and industries, including nursing, education, medicine, robotics, arts and design, statistics, etc., ensuring that you get the quality you pay for. Additionally, we have a mix of experts who can handle tasks from high school to PhD level with ease.

Notably, we have some of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, with more than 30% of our experts having been working with us for over a decade. They’ve grown with us, and learned to listen to your requests and concerns. So, if you were asking, “Who will write my personal statement for me?”, you should know that we’ve got you covered.

How our service works

Ordering from us is a breeze. So, if you’ve decided to buy personal statement from us, you’ll go through four simple steps.

Step 1: Visit our website and fill out the order form. This involves providing your basic information (such as your email) to enable us to contact you in case additional clarifications are needed.

Step 2: Pay for the paper. Here, you can use any of our flexible payment options, including PayPal, VISA, American Express, Mastercard, etc. to activate our personal statement writing help.

Step 3: Track your order. Once you’ve paid for your personal statement, we’ll assign it to the best writer available. You’re free to keep in touch with them to know your work’s progress. Also, be on standby so that they can reach you if they need additional clarifications.

Step 4: Approve your paper. We’ll send a copy of the completed statement to your email for perusal. Only accept it if it meets your expectations. Otherwise, you can send it back for revision.

While the process may appear complex, it’s quite straightforward. Moreover, our support team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you get prompt assistance when required. To make it better, you’ll have direct chats with your writer, lowering the chances of confusion and frustrations emanating from the breakdown of communication. We also recommend using our custom essay help and getting high-quality essay examples for inspiration on your own writing.

Benefits of our personal statement writing help

Working with us for your personal statement needs has several benefits. Below are a few of them:

We help you stand out

We can’t overstate the significance of a personal statement to your college acceptance. When there are few slots with many applicants, you must stand out for the admission committee to select you. This is where we come in. We provide expert services that improve your chances of acceptance significantly. Our flawless work will get you ahead of the other applicants.

We fully personalize your statement

You can’t take chances with your personal statement, especially when university entrance is at stake. You need a service that will capture who you are and what you stand for instead of writing general statements. You’re unique and important. Therefore, you need to hire an expert who can bring out all your special attributes. Our writers are effective at this and won’t fall short of providing a top-notch document that captures your journey.

We save you time

Today’s fast-paced world is quite demanding. Many college students are juggling work, family, education, and other responsibilities simultaneously. This isn’t easy, especially for learners who require an extended time to craft papers. Given that an average student can take between 3-10 hours to write a personal statement, using a professional personal statement service can come in handy. Moreover, getting help allows you to focus on drafting other accompanying documents such as a letter of recommendation.

Our guarantees

There are some risks to getting help with personal statement, especially from suspicious organizations. However, our service offers several guarantees for your peace of mind:

Money-back guarantee: If you don’t like the personal statement we’ve written for you, we’ll refund all your money. No questions asked.

Quality check: We’ve recruited only the best writers and quality control specialists to ensure that you get top-quality academic papers.

Confidentiality guarantee: We protect your data using the latest encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access.

Zero tolerance for plagiarism: Our experts write all papers from scratch. So, whether you need help with your dissertation, assignment, or essay, you can rest easy knowing that it will be original.

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Frequently asked questions
  • Yes. While personal statements, as the name suggests, are documents capturing very personal aspects of your life, professionals know how to craft winning ones for you. They will ensure that they personalize and customize them to meet your expectations and those of your college or internship opportunities.

  • Yes. Companies offering personal statement writing service are legit. Apart from being duly registered, they don’t swindle students out of their hard-earned money. Professional services like ours, for instance, have strong brand recognition and a positive reputation. The thousands of students we’ve worked with before can vouch for our services. If you’re ever in doubt, read online testimonials.

  • It varies. The cost of a personal statement can range from a few bucks to over a hundred dollars depending on your requirements and deadline. If you want a detailed document in less than 4 hours, you might be forced to dig deeper into your pockets. You can save massively by giving your personal statement writer an extended deadline. Order the service with at least a 48 hours deadline.

  • No. Most graduate school admissions and intern positions demand two-page documents, which equates to roughly 500-700 words. However, the secret is to be concise. You’re better off with a shorter document that captures your critical strengths, achievements, and aspirations than a longer boring piece.

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