Our Moral Principles and Values

At EasyEssay, we ardently uphold moral principles and values. We don’t condone academic dishonesty but understand the demands placed on modern students. Our services serve as a guide, a study tool, and a source of inspiration. We encourage customers to use our services responsibly and to leverage them to foster their own understanding and learning, rather than using them as substitutes for their own work. Integrity, honesty, and respect for intellectual property are values we staunchly stand by. Your academic journey should be about personal growth and knowledge acquisition and not merely about achieving grades.

Our Attitude to Cheating

In the educational realm, cheating entails: plagiarizing academic work, copying from someone, or paying someone to do your assignments. As an essay writing service, we know that academic dishonesty devalues the educational system and hampers individual growth. It robs students of the chance to fully grasp their subject matter. That said, we’re committed to providing an ethical service and offering resources for learning and comprehension, rather than promoting cheating. Our aim is to supplement education, not to replace authentic work.

Our Attitude to Plagiarism

Plagiarism is unacceptable and harmful to personal development and the academic community. It’s not just academically unethical, but it also stunts the intellectual growth of students, as it denies them the experience of researching and critical thinking. We encourage originality, understanding, and respect for intellectual property. Our full-time writers create every sentence of the papers they provide, from the first to the last. They type words on their own after reading and analyzing the sources, following all the rules of formatting and citing the evidence used, thereby making essays that are 100% original. Our papers only serve as models and guides for students.

What is the Value of Our Service for Students

EasyEssay’s value lies in our dedication to students’ educational growth. Our services support students in navigating academic complexities. We provide reliable models and examples to inform our clients’ independent work. We adhere to strict ethical guidelines that ensure that all our materials serve as study aids, not shortcuts. Our intent is not to produce essays for students to submit as their own, but to spark understanding, enhance research capabilities, and facilitate critical thinking. By focusing on nurturing their skills, we empower students to better tackle future academic challenges.

How Our Service Fights Plagiarism and Cheating

We all know it’s wrong to take something that isn’t yours, whether it’s a personal belonging, a work of art, or an idea. Credit is always due to the rightful owner or creator. Yet, across universities and out in the world, plagiarism is still an increasingly widespread issue. That said, all educational stakeholders should commit to fighting plagiarism and academic dishonesty. At EasyEssay, we instill this commitment through stringent policies and a thorough service design. Our writers craft unique essays that go through rigorous plagiarism-detection software so as to ensure originality. We promote the use of our papers as study aids or as the foundation for independent research.

What Problems Can Students Solve with Our Help?

Firstly, time management can be a significant hurdle for many students. We help by offering high-quality study aids for understanding complex concepts quickly. Secondly, for students struggling with figuring out how to structure an essay or articulate arguments effectively, our professionally written samples are ideal guides. Lastly, our service supports students facing challenges in researching a given topic. By studying our expertly crafted essays, they can better understand what constitutes credible sources and how to incorporate them into their work.

What We Want to Say to Our Clients

To our valued EasyEssay clients, we’d like to reiterate our commitment to your academic growth and integrity. While we strive to provide quality assistance, we firmly discourage using our services to cheat or plagiarize. Such actions undermine your educational journey, diminish the value of your degree, and stunt your intellectual development. We encourage you to use our resources as study aids, models for structuring essays, and stimuli for your original research. We are here to support, guide, and foster your learning.

What We Want Say to Our Writers

As for our writers, your role is critical in fostering ethical academic progress. We urge you to always adhere to our guidelines and provide the highest quality services. Your work is a learning guide and a beacon of understanding for students. You should write each assignment with diligence to ensure originality and insightful content. Bear in mind the negative consequences of plagiarism and academic dishonesty when producing your work.

What We Want Say to Teachers & Schools

Teachers and schools should know that we offer our services as an additional resource for students’ academic development. We aspire to supplement classroom instruction by providing quality, structured examples of academic papers. Our services deepen students’ understanding of coursework and guide them in developing robust writing skills. Educators should view our service not as a shortcut for students, but as a tool that complements traditional teaching methods. We’ll continue to steadfastly advocate for academic integrity and emphasize the importance of originality.

Our Social Responsibility

At EasyEssay, we recognize our social responsibility to the broader society. We’re not just a business, but a part of the educational ecosystem. We understand the pivotal role that education plays in shaping individuals and, consequently, our world. Our aim is to foster a learning environment that promotes originality, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of subjects. We strive to empower students with tools to help them excel academically and discourage dishonest practices like cheating and plagiarism.

Illegal Activity Proposal List

We propose the following measures to combat unsustainable activities in education:

  1. The Strict Enforcement of Plagiarism Policies: Schools should enforce stringent rules against plagiarism to ensure that students understand its implications and consequences.
  2. The Promotion of Academic Integrity: Educators need to emphasize the value of honesty in academia.
  3. The Comprehensive Teaching of Citations: Students should be educated about the correct use of citations and references to respect intellectual property.
  4. The Development of Digital Literacy: Schools should teach students to critically evaluate online resources and discourage reliance on unverified information.
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